The Forbidden Place

I stand in front of the gates, contemplating my next move

I can go back to the place I know

Or I can walk across to a foreign land

A forbidden land

I’ve heard stories about the forbidden land

They say the forbidden land is filled with landmines disguised as flowers

They say if you go, you will never find your way back

I do not care for what they say

I am lost and have nothing to lose

I am burnt and bruised – bombs do not scare me

The forbidden land calls out to me

It has secrets, only for my ears

I take a step forward and breathe in the scent of the forbidden land

It smells of wisdom and mischief

The forbidden land tells me tales of its previous conquerers, but I know no one has really conquered the land, not even me

I have the keys to the gates but I throw them away. I am happy to remain inside the locked gates

The forbidden land consumes me in all ways and I let it

Sometimes the land embraces me, and sometimes I’m all alone

The forbidden land never spends the night


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