My soul

My soul

It lingers

craves for the touch of your hands

The hands that caressed me

Undressed me

Those hands now push me and I fall

Into a bottomless void where darkness descends upon me

Darkness becomes me and I lay here naked

Wrapped in a robe of shame

My existence a repentance for the sins I committed

I’m being punished for my addiction to your obsession

Thrown into hell, because I’m drawn to those eyes that opened the windows to your soul

Now your brown eyes have turned ice cold

I’m freezing

the fires of hell can’t keep me warm

The devil mocks me as I shiver

But my soul, it waits and drapes itself in denial

wounded and powerless

Like a baby bird fallen from its nest

Ripped away from the protective wings of its mother

My soul

It lingers

On every word you uttered

last January, I was your sanctuary

a place where you can rest

Now your every word

cuts through to my chest and slices my heart

into a million pieces… I’m shattered

Blood gushing out of me


I know pain

I shared a bed with pain since I was ten

Frightened by loud voices

I told myself stories to drown out the noise

But what choice do I have when pain decides to remain my loyal friend for life?

My heart locks its door and throws out the keys to no longer suffer from this infliction.

I raise a white flag and I surrender

But my soul

It lingers

On a glimmer

Of hope

hung up, hungover, hungry for you

My soul. It lingers.

hides inside your drawers

crawls into your bed

hijacks your dreams and nightmares

It haunts you,

And fills your mind with memories of two bodies intertwined..

Two souls lost in our own world

Now that’s all over.

But my soul, it lingers.

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