What it’s like to love you

You have a suitcase filled with words

For every occasion

Though sometimes they run out

So you open your other suitcase

Packed with knives

Which you use to draw blood

Then use that blood

To paint beautiful pictures

You are superman

And you are kryptonite

You are Jesus

And you are Judas

You are a black widow

Waiting on its prey

Except you’d rather your prey remain tangled

In your web of lies

Without the release of death

You used to lift me up

So high

Now you sit by as I sink to the bottom

But I am cursed because I cannot hate

Nor do I have the strength to break this bond that holds me captive like a chain

In truth there are no chains or bars

Only words

And I am to blame – a willing prisoner

This is how you love

It’s the only way you know

So I’ll take what I can get


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