What really goes on at the gym

Butt: what the hell is that?? Why does everything hurt?

Legs : it’s called squatting apparently

Butt: why would we do such a thing??

Legs: she wants to get rid of *whispers* Tummy

Butt: aw man, that thing’s always causing trouble for us

Arms: but why am *I* being punished by lifting this heavy thing? It’s not MY fault Tummy came back!

Mouth: Uh, it IS your fault. You kept stuffing me with food!

Tummy: Yooo! What’s up, what’s up! Don’t ya just love the holiday season? There’s more of me and that just makes me feel so special!

Butt: sorry pal, she’s trying to get rid of you.

Tummy: aww man, not again!

Arms: damn this thing is heavy! Who’s she tryna be, J Lo?

Eyes: I think Kim K. I saw her checking out her photos the other day.

Butt: oooh, that means more of me!

Legs: damn it, I don’t wanna carry yo heavy ass. I’m gonna make her regret it tomorrow!

Tummy: oh god I can feel myself melting away!! Am I gone yet? I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was melting. Don’t worry everyone, I’ll be back! Arghhhhhhh

Eyes: relax Tummy, you’re still here.

Tummy: oh phew. Thank God, I get to spend more time with my lovely B

Butt: who? Me?

Tummy: dude no, I meant Belly button. Look at her, isn’t she pretty. Got that little bling too.

Belly button: who’s going to take care of me when you’re gone, T?

Abs: I’ll look after you baby. I’ll make you look real good, better than T ever did, show you off to the world.

Tummy: what a load of crap, Abs, you’re all talk. When was the last time you showed your face? B, I’m the one who always shows up for you baby.

Belly button: I’m so confused, let me ask brain. Brain, who do you think is a better match for me

Brain: 1, 2, 3 you can do it 4, 5, 6, you are strong and powerful and you can lift anything in the world. And you’re all sweaty and that’s so hot, keep going, 7, 8, 9

Butt: I think Brain is being washed again.

Arms: ugh, he’s so boring when he’s like this

Legs: let’s convince him to take a nap afterwards

Tummy: and eat!


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