The puppy

The puppy follows me around faithfully

A twinkle in its eyes, a spring in its steps 

It scurries behind me

No matter how small the distance

Like the five steps from the bed to the couch 

Its unceasing energy wears me down 

I sleep for a while

The puppy, ever loyal, waits by the bed

Sometimes it wails and jolts me up from my sleep

Sometimes it waits patiently 

Upon seeing my eyes open

It wags its tail excitedly 

Begging to be picked up 

Greeting me with its kisses

I drag myself out of bed finally

The puppy scrambling to catch up

Dancing around my legs

Begging me to play  

I try not to be distracted

I fail 

The coffee is salty

And the teaspoon ends up in the bin

I swear at the puppy

Its innocent eyes stare blankly back at me

I flop down to the floor

The puppy rushes over and snuggles me 

Hot tears running down my cheeks

The puppy is a curse and a comfort

I need the puppy and I wish it were gone 

The puppy is all-consuming

The puppy is grief

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